Maquis Forces International Hall Of Honor

The Hall of Honor is where those who have achieved within the Maquis are listed.   Whether they have earned many awards or simply completed one Academy course, they are place here to celebrate their achievements.  For information on what the different ribbons are go to the Awards Division page and learn more.  Please note that the below divisions are based on the number of ribbons and not the number of awards.  The Hall is updated approximately every quarter.

Awards Division Director
Force Captain Barbara Adams

MFI International Officers

Vice Admiral Samuel Cummings
(International Coordinator)

General Christina Doane
(Vice International Coordinator,  ZC4)

Force Admiral Gary Davis
(Chief of Staff)
Rear Admiral Steve Lackey
(Chief of Operations)


Rear Admiral Logan Andrews
(Chief of Computer Operations)
Force Admiral Rob Johnson
(Academy Commandant)

Vice Admiral Will Robertson
(Chief Maquis Advisor)
Admiral Laura Hartwell
(Chief Maquis Advisor)

Rear Admiral Warren Price
(Diplomatic Corp Director, ZCEM)
Force Captain Barbara Adams
( Membership Dept. Head)

Brigadier General Paul Williams
(Marine Commandant)
Brigadier General Mark Zesewitz
(Special Forces Commander)

Lieutenant General K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK
(Klingon Task Force Commander)
Force Captain Brian Lukas
(Recruitment Division Head)

Force Captain David Ferber
(SOC Director, ZC3)
Force Captain Gene R. Yazdir

Captain William Haines
Admiral David A. Miller
Force Captain Glenna Julifs
Captain Jack Kern

Force Captain Glen Matheny
Commodore Duncan Robinson

Force Captain Mack Howat
Force Colonel Robert Torres



Rear Admiral Charles Parks   General Michael Anderson

Captain Kevin Brower   Captain William Osborne
Admiral Tom Donohoe   Force Captain Norm Hackett

Force Captain Mark Werner   Colonel Christina Anderson
Commander James Robinson   Force Captain Loretta Parks
Rear Admiral Camaron Dingler   Colonel Talitha Anderson

Commander Maxx Leeto Brigadier General Liam Collins

Force Colonel Ksimka sutai-Ki'RK Force Colonel David Stayduhar
Captain Nikki Miller Colonel Joe Ryan
Marine Captain Steven Pryor Vice Admiral Jonathan Cone

Captain Jeff Webber Commander Robin Wittenberg

Lieutenant Ian Graham Force Colonel Razwana Bhatti

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Webster Captain Antonia Matthews

1st Lieutenant Jonathan Trotter Chief Petty Officer Stuart Lee

Captain Bryan R. Jones Lieutenant Dale Graham
1st Lieutenant Amanda Williams General Brian Jewitt

 Lieutenant Colonel John Hall Lieutenant Colonel Amy Hill

Major Marc Easterly Rear Admiral Dennis Cross

 Force Captain David Taylor  raD HoD K'vek zantai LarDalq

Colonel Cary Griffin Colonel Dave Scheffner

Lieutenant Commander Jim Williams Marine Captain Sue Zimwalt

1st Lieutenant Rob Pickering Colonel Tanya Femrite

Colonel Lee V. Schmidt Lieutenant Anna Williams
Marine Captain Mark Culberson 1st Lieutenant Shaun Greenwald
1st Lieutenant Heather Unger Vice Admiral Lorrie Nelson

Commodore Carl Lewis Brigadier General James Monroe

Commander Pete Evans II Commander Lisa Southwell-Collins

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Orr Lieutenant Colonel Anna Zecca

Lieutenant Commander David Parks 1st Lieutenant Mike Morell

Cadet Cheyanne Parks Colonel Dirk DeJong

Colonel Laura Mitts Marine Captain David Sanders

Marine Captain Sandra Wright George Ordog

Kevin Ordog

Vice Admiral Steve Berden Vice Admiral Chad Etter

Rear Admiral C. David James Rear Admiral Andrew Przybyla
Commodore Jerdoi Kroon   Captain Kim  M. Johnson
Captain Frank Parker Colonel Bill Cole
Commander Gale Lukas Commander Terry Pratt
Lieutenant Colonel Patti Hobbs Ensign Trina Scott
Admiral S. Adam Day Rear Admiral Cindy Buxton

Commodore Taylor Goodwill Brigadier General Dave Allen

Force Colonel Larry Henderson Captain Kim Johnson

Captain Katrina Stayduhar Captain Ashley Miller

Lieutenant Colonel Barry Burch Lieutenant Colonel Brandon Wilson

Major James Landolph Jr. Major Jennifer Lawrence

Marine Captain Jennifer Auiler Marine Captain Robert Meriwether

Marine Captain James Murry Marine Captain Daniel Smith

Marine Captain David Zumwalt Lieutenant Junior Grade LeAnn Stout

 Ed Thorn Commodore Anthony Spotts

Captain James Delantonas Captain Gary Hickman

Captain Julie James Force Captain Deb Kern

Captain Erin Pence Colonel Alberto Gorin

Colonel Howard Knapp Colonel Michael Sarvich

Commander Marvin Atwell Commander Jason Cooper

Commander Elaine Marie Dennehy Lieutenant Colonel Mary Capps

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dawn Hess Lieutenant Junior Grade Naomi Marlin

1st Lieutenant Jacquline N. Kleinsmith Patrica Hayes

Admiral Pactrick Adams Admiral Mary Kerns
Force Captain Gary Hollifield Captain Mark Apel
Captain Tamara Borchardt Captain Gregory Franklin
Captain Ben Goldburg Captain Crystal King
Colonel David Molnar Commander Gerry Kiely
Commander Tracy Lilly Commander Susan Mahaffey
Commander Donna Smith Commander Jessie Taggart
Commander Gayla Taylor Commander Jennifer Warren
Lieutenant Colonel Perry Bishop Lieutenant Colonel Dillon Fisher
Lieutenant Colonel Curtice Schrum Lieutenant Commander Alan Martin
1st Lieutenant Jack Wright Cadet Fancy Fisher
Cadet Frankie Fisher Cadet Renee Neuzil
Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronald Kilgore Sergeant Major Heather A. Scott
Gunnery Sergent Mikel Beggs Crewman David A Taylor
Private First Class Freya Fuller Garry Blessings
Bret Price Rear Admiral Sherry Crandall
Rear Admiral Kim Donohoe Major General Mark Windom
Commodore Dave Schmitz Commodore Strypak Tai-Trekkan
Force Captain Richard Campbell Force Captain Mark Drainville
Force Captain Patrick Moser Captain Ray Atkins
Captain Tina Bennett Captain Jessica  Ernst
Captain Thomas King Captain Sam McGinis
Captain Leila McMichael Captain Keith Manley
Captain Chris Meadows Captain Summer Morrison
Captain Hunter O'Neal Captain Kendra Sparrow
Colonel Dave DeWitt Colonel Stephanie Lakey
Colonel Mei Liu Colonel Oliver Savander

Commander Sam Bibb Commander Ben Kokochak

Commander Tammy "taj" Larrabee Commander Dave Wilson
Commander Mike Wanie Lieutenant Colonel Tom Carroll
Lieutenant Colonel Brenda Carter Lieutenant Colonel Debra Carver
Lieutenant Colonel Heather Cole Lieutenant Colonel Kim DeWitt
Lieutenant Colonel Mike Kozemczak Lieutenant Colonel Heidi Meyers
Lieutenant Colonel Christina Miediar Lieutenant Colonel Glen Newsome
Lieutenant Commander Rita Comperatore-Lewis Lieutenant Commander Ty Hartman
Lieutenant Commander Christopher Huff Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Hughey
Lieutenant Commander Mike Johnson Major Kevin Cozart
Lieutenant Jennifer Black Lieutenant Pauline Graham
Lieutenant Herbert Hughey Lieutenant Chad McGraw
Marine Captain Tariq Bhatti Marine Capt Charles Shananaquet II
Lieutenant Junior Grade Keith Dennis 1st Lieutenant Lisa Alcorn
1st Lieutenant Thomas Bridge 1st Lieutenant Brian Burke
1st Lieutenant Lucinda Dugger 1st Lieutenant Todd Evans
1st Lieutenant Brandon Fiddick 1st Lieutenant Jennifer Fris
1st Lieutenant Pamela Henderson 1st Lieutenant Glen James
1st Lieutenant Thresa McKean 1st Lieutenant Daniel Mager
1st Lieutenant Jody Sampson 1st Lieutenant Merry Sampson
1st Lieutenant Shawn Sampson 1st Lieutenant Nathaniel Shelton
1st Lieutenant Michael Strain 1st Lieutenant Jenny Wright
1st Lieutenant Josh Wright Ensign Sandra Laney
Ensign James Stepp 2nd Lieutenant Margaret Carspecken
Cadet Cheyanne Cole Cadet Julie DeWitt
Cadet Mikyle DeWitt Cadet Shonte Milette
Master Chief Petty Officer Walter Kilgore, Jr Petty Officer 1st Class Sandi Rust
Petty Officer 1st Class Brian Scott Petty Officer 2nd Class Alene Graham
Petty Officer 2nd Class Gene Graham Crewmen Recruit Belinda Burgess
Crewman Recruit Dee Luddegtion Crewman Recruit Bobbi Moses
Gary Bedell Chris Bell
Bill Blair Matt Brown
Holly Burk Brianna Capps
Chuck Capps Misty Capps
Stephanie Capps Jason Carter
Don Pedro Colley Parker Gabriel
Fred Gorham Kate Katsulas
Bob May William Mays
Kate Milette Donna Newman
Leni Parker Joyce Reedy
Eugene Roddenberry, Jr Tom Seymour
Jack Stauffer General Keith Styblo
Commodore Matthew Gumpper Commodore R. Benton White
Brigadier General John Harris Force Captain Bob Bulkeley
Force Captain Ryan Jackson Force Captain Gumby Simmons
Force Colonel John Garner Captain Joe Baldwin
Captain Matthew Brooks Captain Mei-Li Budreau
Captain Micheal Burwell Captain Daniel Dreesbach
Captain Nancy Fields Captain Michael Geyn
Captain Xia Harris Captain Betty Ann Leverance
Captain Tom Melton Captain Rebecca Monroe
Captain Nicholis Price Captain Robin Nichols
Captain Kyle Ratkovich Captain Jason Ryan
Captain Cody Springs Captain Carolyn Starland
Captain David Stuart Captain Dallas Vinson
Captain Ellen Vorpagel Captain Steve Wilkey
Captain Joseph Wright Colonel Matt Briggs
Colonel James Doane Colonel Paul Fest
Colonel David House Colonel Harold Roehn
Colonel Alex Young Commander Chris Conner
Commander Beverly Cross Commander Bianca Groh
Commander Dan Hinkle Commander Tim Johns
Commander Morgan Kirby Commander Jentala "Ben" Krintami
Commander Marlene Miller Commander Troy Pharis
Commander Trianna Porter Commander Timothy Radford
Commander Dennis Relyea Commander Fran Simmons
Commander Carrie Yuen Lieutenant Colonel Erik Cowand
Lieutenant Colonel Jason Taylor Lieutenant Colonel Dixie Savander
Lieutenant Commander Dietrich Epp Lieutenant Commander Lon Fields
Lieutenant Commander Todd Fields Lieutenant Commander Greg Huyskens
Lieutenant Commander Lewis Levite Lieutenant Commander David Mallory
Lieutenant Commander Curits Page Lieutenant Commander Monika Reinholz
Lieutenant Commander Fabio Rodrigues Lieutenant Commander James Westbrook
Major Chad Allen Major Manuel Guajardo
Major Scott Smith Lieutenant Sarai Elisabeth Addams
Lieutenant Keith Beaumont Lieutenant Keri Loosemore
Lieutenant Mira Scott Lieutenant Paul Werner
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) David Armbruster 1st Lieutenant Matt Cox
1st Lieutenant George Edwards 1st Lieutenant Manuel Fierro
1st Lieutenant Joe Giananolla 1st Lieutenant Christina Jones
1st Lieutenant John Peters 1st Lieutenant John Rass
1st Lieutenant Josh Venom Ensign Carl Anderson
Ensign Deborah King Ensign Richard Thompson
Ensign Cari Enix 2nd Lieutenant Allie Behr
2nd Lieutenant Donna Epstein 2nd Lieutenant Elliot Marchephenson
2nd Lieutenant Jim McClure Cadet Dot Budreau
Cadet Maggie Budreau Cadet Dakota Cook
Cadet Margaret Donohoe Cadet Matthew Donohoe
Cadet David Fields Cadet Stuart Ford
Cadet Tiffany James Cadet Lauren Lovinger
Cadet Christopher Miller Cadet Maxwell Miller
Cadet Henry Myers Cadet Nikki Wright
Master Chief Petty Officer Pam Fields Master Chief Petty Officer Donna Gillis
Sergeant Major Paul Crawford Sergeant Major Clayton Hobbs
Senior Chief Petty Officer  Michael Fields Chief Petty Officer Dylan Lewis
Chief Petty Officer Sonia Shilling Chief Petty Officer David Williamson
Petty Officer 1st Class JoAnn Nickerson Petty Officer 1st Class Angel Nicole Paynter
Staff Sergent James Ford Staff Sergent Sue McCellan
Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Budreau Petty Officer 2nd Class Angus Cheromiah
Petty Officer 2nd Class Li-Chun Miller Petty Officer 2nd Class Dianna Werner
Petty Officer 2nd Class Helen Werner Petty Officer 2nd Class Herb Werner
Petty Officer 2nd Class Mark Werner Petty Officer 2nd Class Megan Werner
Sergeant Seth Baldwin Sergeant Susan Baldwin
Sergeant Jerry Beaulieu Sergeant Adam Bowen
Sergeant Dave Chen Sergeant Phyllis Fest
Sergeant Tom Harrison Sergeant Donald Henderson
Sergeant Rob Langer Sergeant Louisa Scherma
Sergeant Tony Scherma Sergeant Travis Smart
Sergeant Heather Wrte Petty Officer 3rd Class Jim Moore
Corporal Steven Gillis Lance Corporal Jackie Sloan
Crewman Recruit Annette Roark Crewman Recruit Chris Roark
D Cammerone S Edon
HS Lares David Mather
Patrick McAndrew Chris Warmbrodt
Jeannie Warmbrodt John Warmbrodt
Johnny Warmbrodt

MFS Sutherland 2003 ICV Heghnach
MFS Excalibur MFS Tiwahe
LP Omega
MFS Phantom 2004 MNAS Detroit
MFS Grethor MFS Rotterdam
MFS Juno Beach 
MFS Sutherland ICV Heghnach
MNAS Detroit MFS Antonio Maria Valsalva
IKV Blood Sword MFS Oro Grande
LP8   USS Forrestal


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Author: Logan Andrews
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